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API for Developers il y a 1 mois 3 semaines #1

  • Chris Penny
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I am working on a music therapy project that involves playing soundfonts within a desktop or mobile app. We have some pre-installed instruments, and users can add their own. We also support spotify via their Developer API, so users can choose a song & their instrument will automatically be put into the correct key (using Spotify's Echonest functionality). Of course, the user first needs to have a Spotify account and to log in within our app.

It would be great if they could browse an online database of soundfonts within the app, just like they can browse songs online through spotify.

This Polyphone site seems to have an internal API for searching, browsing, previewing, and downloading soundfonts. Has there ever been talk of opening up (or documenting) this API for 3rd-party developers?

That would both be a great thing to have in the world of music, and also could give Polyphone more opportunities to get more premium members. All of a sudden, you'd have music therapists around the world subscribing to Polyphone so they can provide their patients with any instrument they want!
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API for Developers il y a 1 mois 2 semaines #2

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Dear Chris,

This is indeed a good opportunity I'd like to take. I send you an email today for more details.

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