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SUJET : Soundfonts LUFS calibrating

Soundfonts LUFS calibrating il y a 3 mois 1 semaine #1

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Hello community,
I just have a question about the samples used to create soundfonts.
At what level should I calibrate the volume of samples individually before importing them into polyphone (easier to perform on my DAW)?
For example, I have a pad sound sampled on fifths. if i play a note with this sample i reach a certain level in db. But if I play several notes this level increases (it's normal).
So I can not normalize the samples to 0 db otherwise the sound will directly distortion when I play several notes.
What level of departure should I then consider for a normal volume ie as if the sound came out of a synth?
I work in level LUFS -23, -20, -18 or -13 as on Youtube?
Thank you for your information
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