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SUJET : Manual crossfade

Manual crossfade il y a 5 mois 4 jours #1

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The [Autoloop]-function is very handy when setting loop points, though you know that doesn't always work or gives you the result you're satisfied with. Then you have to set the loop points manually, however occasions may appear even that doesn't work.

When you manage to integrate some kind of function to create looped samples with crossfade that would be very convenient. Especially for samples of choirs, strings, etc. Those samples can be very long - for about more than 10 seconds - resulting in large soundfonts. With a crossfade function you can experiment if those samples can sound just as good when you shorten them to a few seconds.

A while ago I've discovered open source software for creating loop points into sound files. It resembles the autoloop-function of Polyphone however you can adjust the settings in relation to the accuracy of scanning the loop. And when nothing seems to work you can use a crossfade-function. The software is a gem though it's hard to get familiar how it actually works and how you have to adjust the settings.

I'm talking about LoopAuditioneer which one can obtain from SourceForge.

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Manual crossfade il y a 5 mois 4 jours #2

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Some of my loops that I had used with the auto loop feature did not sound as good as I wanted them to do, so this would be a great idea.

It doesn't impose any limits (unlike the fluidsynth suggestion that imposed the 2gb limit, that was fixed in version 2.0), and is available for both Windows and Linux, meaning it could be implemented.

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