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SUJET : Sound design...'Foley' Soundfonts?

Sound design...'Foley' Soundfonts? il y a 1 semaine 5 jours #1

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(Posted to the Off-topic, because there wasn't a Sound Design sub forum)

Recently, I noted that there was a company that made proprietary 'sound model' environmental loops for scale model railways. It occurred to me that if there were "free" sound fonts for 'ambient environment sounds', then it would be possible to sequence up an almost infinite number of such loops that weren't encumbered. (I've also heard some truly dire, "Halloween ambient Horrorscape" compositions :( )

So I was wondering if contributors here had any thoughts on what might be possible in the area of "Foley" soundfonts, given that MIDI/Soundfont based sequencing doesn't care about what types of sounds are used, provided that they are nominally sequenceable, and to some extent 'ambients' can be broken into pitched and percussive components.

Some other areas of 'Foley' Soundfonts would be things like:
*Automotive engines,
* Railway locomotives (I'm not aware of any 'free' tools for building a sound effect for these entirely synthetically, meaning it's difficult to tricky to reproduce an old loco no longer in use.)
* Bird song.
* Waterfalls
* Weather ( I.e Wind, Thunder, rain FX.)
* Footsteps...

I'd be interested to hear thoughts on this, but I'm not expecting anyone to have actually made any 'free' foley Soundfonts yet.
(If there's a more appropriate forum for this, LMK)
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