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TOPIC: RuneScape - Quickchat was built with two purposes

RuneScape - Quickchat was built with two purposes 3 weeks 6 days ago #1

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The issue of muting is that RuneScape gold a large majority of people don't consider them serious or in the right way. A lot of players immediately begin talking about, ranting and plotting revenge against the player who was the first to report them for their conduct even if the player is honest about what happened. This is the problem that is a problem with Quickchat. I'll discuss the issue in detail in the future. Quickchat was built with two purposes in the mind of users.

The first goal is to speed up the display of set messages The second goal is to allow muted users to communicate in a normal manner. Yes, you can communicate normally. A lot of people don't realize that people who are muted are able to speak as freely as those who aren't. They might not be able explain complicated matters however they are able to communicate normally and fluently and cause chaos.

The software Quickchat was created with allows the user to select a sequence of key strokes to speak a specific phrase. There's nothing to stop someone from repeating these sequences and saturating the chat screen with irrelevant phrases. They are still spammable, however, they're muted.

They do this not for the reason that it's infuriating, but because someone has reported them for something that they believe to be fine, even if serious. To cause as much chaos as they can in order to take revenge on this person, they either confront the person who made the incident to them, if they know or throw a fit. Although this might not be true for all but it is a typical practice that I have seen.

How do mutes work? No. The people who are free have the same rights as anyone else, they can still cause havoc while they're not being hampered, and some come back with a greater degree of violence than they did before, while others remain the same. It's extremely unlikely that someone will come back and make a fresh start. The mutes may have a gradual effect on the person as they age, but buy rs3 gold it is not permanent.
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