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TOPIC: [Bug report] import and replace not working

[Bug report] import and replace not working 1 month 1 week ago #1

  • Ludwig Ventura
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When you import a stereo sample, it gets divided into 2 separated samples configured to be both channels left and right.
If you re-import the samples and ask for replace, you expect that the left channel replaces the left channel and the right channel replaces the right channel and that all the configurations made on the samples, i.e., tuning and loop settings, are kept.

What happens instead: when you re-import a stereo sample and ask for replace, both channels (left and right) are replaced by one channel, so the sample gets mono. And all the configuration gets lost!
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[Bug report] import and replace not working 1 month 1 week ago #2

  • bottrop
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i see that you are still wasting your time on stereo samples.
can you name me one instrument (apart from headphones) that produces different sounds for the left and the right ear?
in your previous post i read you processed a mono sample into stereo. how does that work? do you play that mono sample in your concert hall and record it with two micropphones? stop that stereo nonsense; if you have two ears you hear everything in stereo.
replace stereo samples works correct in my version (1.9), there is probably something wrong with your settings (Tools > Global > Link / Unlink stereo samples) you should export and import your samples as Linked samples
regards bottrop
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[Bug report] import and replace not working 1 month 6 days ago #3

  • Michael
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I hope this bug about stereo samples will be fixed in the following versions. I myself managed to ruin soundfonts with this.

I discovered a hack though which prevents the right channel of stereo-samples will be replaced with the left channel. First create a new soundfont and from there import the samples you've altered with an external audio editor. As usual this will split stereo samples automatically to 2 separate samples refering to the left and right channel. Also the name of the samples will be altered with the add of an L and R.

If you then select and copy all imported samples and paste them into the soundfont they're belonging to you can prevent stereo-samples become monophonic and it won't happen the old right channel becomes replaced with the new left channel.

Another way is to temporarily unlink the stereo-samples, which you can do by going to the toolbox of the Samples section. Then the channels will be separately exported
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