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TOPIC: Panningin a font

Panningin a font 6 years 5 months ago #1

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I have a font that is a grand piano. My trouble with it is that as it is, the sound pans from left to right with the keys/pitch. This great if you wnat to hear a piano you are actually playing, but I want it to be a piano the hearer is simply listening to. So I either want to remove the pan or severely reduce it...or have various fonts that suit my needs.

I have looked at the text of the font in Notepad and each line is very simple. Such as:
<region> sample=CMPD2\CDP_21.wav key=21 hikey=22 tune=25
<region> sample=CMPD2\CDP_25.wav key=25 lokey=23 hikey=26 tune=7

All lines in all groups are exactly in that format.

Polyphone bears that out, with very few parameters set.

It has layering, with 3 layers of wav files to give velocity response with tone. But all the wavs in the file are mono, with one wav for left and one for right. In all the groups, the left wave is panned -50 and the right wave is panned +50. I can see no panning to account for the panning as it moves up the scale.

I thought that maybe the wave files themselves were louder or quieter to cause the movement/pan. There is a tendency to make the left waves louder at lower keys and softer at higher keys (I can both see that in Polyphone and hear the difference), but the pattern is far from even.

Do I assume that the tendency is the cause and it's enough to give the general effect although it's not even, or is there something I am missing?

Thanks for any help

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Panningin a font 6 years 5 months ago #2

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Hi Nick,

You assume correctly. In soundfonts, stereo samples are considered as two mono samples whose pan is -50 for left and +50 for right. Combined, this is exactly the same than listening to a stereo sample made of these two channels.

The left panning for the lowest notes and the right panning for the highest notes are thus registered directly in the samples (this is not a good practice). You can try to revert it by applying an opposite pan with this panning tool.

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