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TOPIC: How to loop piano samples

How to loop piano samples 4 years 7 months ago #1

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People usually do not prefer loops in their piano samples. On the other hand this can make soundfonts much smaller in data size. Large soundfonts consume much RAM when you use them for playing, which can become a problem when you use them in your DAW for music production.

I own the Roland RD-700sx digital piano. The grand piano patch contains samples of every key in 4 layers and all samples together are no more than 64 MB. And still my digital piano sounds better than sampled software grands which are more than 1 GB in filesize. When I listen closely to the sound of my digital piano I notice the samples are looped (of course, otherwise it's impossible to get them all into a 64 MB sound library). The loop starts from about 8 seconds.

It doesn't have to be a bad thing to notice loops in sampled instruments as long those won't get annoying to listen to.

Often piano samples contain very short loops at the end of the sample - this prevents the appearance of a loop sound which can become very annoying to listen to. On the other hand, the string vibration effect and all other dynamics are gone.


My question is as follows:

What actually occurs with the sound when you hear that string vibration while the sound of a piano key is fading out? (You'll hear the same effect by many other string instruments like an acoustic guitar or a harpsichord.)

Can such an effect be simulated with audio editing software? It doesn't have to be 100% natural, it has to be more pleasant to hear than a very short loop with no vibration or dynamic effects. Than I can apply such an effect by first repeating the loop part till it becomes sufficient in duration and than apply such an effect on that part of the sound.

I hope you can understand what I mean what I am trying to explain

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