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TOPIC: Auto-Sampler Function (Auto MIDI-Note -Capture)

Auto-Sampler Function (Auto MIDI-Note -Capture) 9 months 19 hours ago #1

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A Autosampler to sample a stack of keyboards automatically would be great.
I know, there are several Softwarepackages or Hardware-Samplers available to do so.

The Autosampler provides the ability to create MIDI-Notes from lower tones to higher tones in selectable note-ranges and while it create these notes an Audio-Interface captures the Sound-Output of the keyboard or synth or a stack of keyboards and stores it as single WAV-Files. The WAV-Files could be stored with a Prefix and a Filestructure which describes the note and the used velocity or it uses Number of the MIDI-Note and the MIDI-Velocity.
A good example could be lent over from samplerbox.org. ... ( they cannot capture :(, it is only a sample-player )

A good example, done by the AKAI MPC is provided here:

Why I would like to get this feature:
In the past 20 Years I had some really cheap but nice sounding MIDI-Expanders but some stopped working and others were simply to big for my desk. I was not able to capture my favorite sounds. Second, stacked sounds take a lot voice in MIDI-Expanders. They sound great but stopping or missing voices stops any progress going forward. It would be cool to capture a stack of sounds as a SF2 and push it over to a tool which is able to help out.

To do so, some additional features have to be added:
Selection of MIDI-Out and used MIDI-Channel ( multiple out of 16)
Selection of Sound-Input-Device
Level-Meter for the Sound-Input
Selection of Start-MIDI-Note
Selection of End MIDI-Note
Step-Width ( how many keys should be captured or covered with one WAV-File)
MIDI-Velocity for first WAV-capture -loop
Optional Velocity for next WAV-capture -loop
more Velocities?
Prefix for captured WAV-Files?
Option to keep the wav files after the capture Yes/No
Enable Autoloop Yes/No
Autoloop MIN-Time ( timespan to search for the best Autoloop)
Autoloop MAX-Time ( timespan to search for the best Autoloop)
Final Folder/Filename for the SF2
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Auto-Sampler Function (Auto MIDI-Note -Capture) 8 months 4 weeks ago #2

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A Script which does Autosampling specially for Samplerbox (Linux - Sampleplayer)

They are using fluidsynth to capture the Sound and use it for their special propretary format in samplerbox.
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