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TOPIC: Show size, and sort samples by size

Show size, and sort samples by size 5 years 9 months ago #1

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I just used Polyphone for a couple of hours trying to make a usable SF2 for drumkits "that i rip from other sets".
It would be nice to ***be able to sort the fonts by size "show size"*** to see what samples that are taking up most space because they may not be worth the space they allocate.

It took some minutes before i understood that when you copy presets from a font to another you must mark or drop upon another preset in the font you want to update.
Very often the bank and preset number is the same in both soundfonts, could you not offer a dialogue where you can chose if you want to merge or auto renumber the preset?

I can see the dialogue pretty cluttered copying presets, when it say the sample already exist "is it the name" or the actual sample? I am unsure if i should press duplicate or not. If it is the actual sample i do not want a duplicate, but if it is just the name i probably want to rename and copy
An autorename when name conflicts occure would be nice "if that is the case"?

So my requests.
1. Show sample size and sort by size.

2. Dialogue for "merge *or* autorenumber" bank : preset that already exist in font. "When you drag a preset that need to be renumbered it can't be hard to generate a list over empty presets to fill within bank".

3. Enhance the "sample exist dialouge" if the sample is identical i can't see the meaning with replace. And if it is not you probably want to autorename "the samplename you copy, but of course also the reference for the preset you copy must be updated to point to the "new name".

I only had some hours working with polyphone so possibly i missed something with the use.
Very nice and clean interface i must say, i like it.

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