Editing of the general information

The page for editing the general information is displayed when the header "General" is selected in the tree. This page is made of three kinds of elements:

global information page

Editable fields

The editing page of the general information provides fields for changing the following attributes:

  • Title
    This is the internal name of the soundfont, which does not necessarily have to do with the file name.
  • Author
    Relates to the author name of the soundfont.
  • Date
    Creation date of the file.
  • Product
    Product for which is designed the soundfont.
  • Copyright
    Mention to fill if the file is subject to copyright.
  • Comments
    Information not included in any of the preceding categories.
  • Kind of samples
    Indicates whether the samples should be recorded in 16 bits or 24 bits. Please note that 24-bit samples may not be supported in some synthesizers.

General information

The editing page of the general information comprises the following non-editable information:

  • Soundfont version
    Corresponds the version of the sf2 format used by the file.
  • ROM name and version
    Name and version of a sample ROM if used.
  • Sound engine
    Corresponds to the name of a sound engine.
  • Editing software
    Editing software used for the soundfont creation.
  • File name
    Address and name of the file.
  • File size
    Size of the soundfont after it is saved.


A count is made on:

  • the number of samples and unused samples,
  • the number of instruments and unused instruments,
  • the number of presets,
  • the number of parameters and modulators edited for the instruments,
  • the number of parameters and modulators edited for the presets.

Unused samples and instruments can be easily removed with the tool "Remove unused elements".

Note: the number of 65536 parameters in the instruments and the presets should not be exceeded. Some synthesizers may not be adapted to read them all.

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