Soundfont browser

The soundfont browser is a link between Polyphone and the soundfont repository of the Polyphone website. It allows you, directly in Polyphone, to download, test and possibly re-use soundfonts.

Browsing soundfonts

To open the soundfont browser, click on "Online repository" or write a keyword on the home screen. Once the soundfont browser is open in a new tab, it is possible to search, sort and filter the results.

browsing soundfonts

Searching a soundfont

For searching a soundfont, write one or more keywords in the top bar and then press "Enter". It is possible to write "Author:{someone}" to search soundfonts of a specific author.

Sorting the results

Next to the search bar, a drop-down menu provides 4 ways to sort soundfont results:

  • Date
    Newest soundfonts are first.
  • Downloads
    More downloaded soundfonts are first.
  • Rating score
    Highest rated soundfonts are first.
  • Title (A→Z)
    Soundfonts results are sorted according to the alphabetical order.

Filtering the results

Results can be filtered in different ways:

  • Category
    Kind of instrument.
  • License
    It's possible to list soundfonts having a license allowing a commercial and / or a sharing after the soundfont is edited.
  • Sample source
    Origin of the samples.
  • Timbre
    Description of the timbre.
  • Articulation
    Description of the articulation.
  • Genre
    Genre targeted by the soundfont.
  • MIDI standard
    Listing only soundfonts compliant with a standard is possible.
  • Tags
    Show soundfonts having a specific tag.

Soundfont description

Opening a soundfont description can be made with a double-click on a cell in the daily soundfonts of the home screen or in the soundfont browser. A Premium account is required for soundfonts that are not in the daily soundfonts. Connecting Polyphone to your account is possible in the settings of the software.

description page of a soundfont

The description of a soundfont is made of:

  • a header, in which you can find the title, the number of comments, the number of downloads and the rating,
  • a left part, comprising the author name, a date, the license type (please take care of this), the category and other attributes that characterize the soundfont,
  • a central part, displaying a textual description, the list of files to download and possible comments.


For downloading a file, click on the icon "download" next to its file name in the section "Downloads". You will see the download progress in a menu next to the main menu, at the top right corner of the software. Once a file is downloaded and if the file is a soundfont, it is possible to open it in a soundfont editor by clicking on the icon "open".

It is possible from the menu to clear the completed downloads. If everything is cleared, the download menu disappears.

dowloading soundfonts