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Jews harp

03 March 2017



Jews_Harp.sf2 (83 KB, 05 March 2017)


  • That is a very anti-semitic name to use, this instrument is called a jaw harp. An actual Jewish Harp is called a Kinnor and the Kinnor is the hand held harp played by King David, he was the King of Isra'el in ancient times.

    • David

      No it isn't anti sematic.   you have made it so.  by the way it is also known as an English Trump.  Although Donald can trace his ancestry back to the UK via his Scottish mother, a trump in the UK is completely something different ie a FART.  the jews harp is something that all cultures on this planet have used as a musical instrument.  no it isn't of jewish origin but an English trump is also further than the original origin.  I don't hear people saying you cant call it that.  What next a Cor Anglais cant be called an English Horn or worse a love oboe (oboe d'amore)?  Get a grip. 

  • levoneee

    coooooooooooooooooooooooooool !