SuperSponge Soundfont (PS1)

07 December 2018

The game is fun occasionally, but it's got some great music.

Thank you to ChocolateJake for the .XM files, from which these samples were extracted.

PLEEEASE leave a comment linking me to whatever you make with it, I want to see what kind of shenanigans people get up to using this tool for the good of man.


SuperSponge.sf2 (2.18 MB, 07 December 2018)
The instruments Flute-1 through Flute-7 (not counting regular "Flute") were unused in the original game, and were originally intended to be used where the more concise (and more pleasant sounding) "Flute" would go on to be used.


  • tahutoa

    Note: some of the instruments have shitty looping. This is because I decided to leave all .wavs' looping untouched (no matter how terrible). Eventually, I will legitimately revisit this and fix the looping, then upload that separately, but until then...

    • tahutoa

      Well, "fix" in the sense that some of these sounds had flawed looping within the actual game's files, either through an error on 4matt's part or otherwise. Nonetheless, an alternate version will eventually be added.

    • Davy

      Thank you for this upload :-)
      If you improve the soundfont you should replace the existing file that you uploaded here. This page will be flagged as "Updated" instead of "New" (you will have more visibility), you will keep the rating and this will avoid duplicates.

      • tahutoa

        Okay. I was going to do that anyway, but the changes I would make I think would necessitate adding a second file, but only because I wanted the initial version to be as close to the original as possible, I hope you understand :-)
        Looking forward to testing out the 2.0 beta over Christmas break, I hope to see lots of cool new features, even if they aren't completely finished yet. I'll try to help with bug reports as well ;-o

        • Davy

          You can add several files in this page if needed.
          Here is the beta