Harp Strings

22 November 2018

So I was testing out some beautiful Harp Samples from Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, and what I noticed is that the Harp Samples came from the Complete K2000.

I DON'T know what program I used to convert those .krz files to .sf2, but now I have it in .sf2 format, and that the samples sound similar to the SSO Harp.

This SoundFont comes with 2 Presets.

Preset 0: Harp Strings

Preset 1: Harp Strings 2

I think the first Harp Strings Preset sounds exactly like the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra Harp!


Harp Strings.sf2 (502 KB, 22 November 2018)
The Samples come from the Complete K2000.
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