Tools (global)

When an elements selection only relates to one soundfont in the tree, the "Tools" menu proposes the following features:

Link all stereo samples

Samples whose names only differ by the last letter (R / L) are automatically linked. For example, if in a soundfont two samples are called bassoon45L and bassoon45R, bassoon45L will be recognized as the left part of bassoon45R and bassoon45R will be recognized as the right part of bassoon45L.

With this information the right panning will be used when these samples are added in an instrument. You can also enjoy the simultaneous editing of left and right parts in the instrument table if the stereo editing is activated in the settings.

Note: this tool can break existing links if the names don't match the rule above.

Unlink all stereo samples

All samples linked (stereo) are unlinked.

Thus, all samples will be processed as mono sounds and they will all have the same panning if they are added in an instrument. The stereo editing, if activated in the settings, will not be applicable anymore.

Remove unused elements

All samples and instruments being used by no instrument or preset are automatically deleted.

Remove all modulators

All modulators present in all instruments and presets will be removed.

Export preset list

With this tool, the list of all presets will be written in a text. This text can be formatted to be integrated in a CSV file or in HTML to be integrated in a website.

preset list

Peak frequency export (csv)

This tool gathers the information on the frequency peaks of all samples in a csv file. The frequency peaks are visible in the editing page of samples.

Adjust minimal attenuation

The software determines the minimal attenuation of all instrument divisions, and modifies all attenuations so that the minimum attenuation matches the one specified by the user.

For example, if the lowest attenuation of the samples within the instruments is 16 dB and if the desired minimal attenuation is 5 dB (to increase the general volume), the attenuation of all divisions of all instruments will be decreased by 11 dB.