The menu, located in the uppermost part of the software, contains several items allowing you to access a lot of different features.



  • New
    Create a new .sf2 file.
  • Open
    Open an .sf2, .sf3, .sfz or .sfArk file.
  • Save
    Save the current file.
  • Save as
    Save the current file in another file.
  • Import samples
    Import .wav samples.
  • Export samples
    Export in a .wav format samples present in a soundfont.
  • Export (sfz)
    Export one or several presets from the selected soundfonts in .sf2, .sf3 or sfz.
  • Close file
    Close the current file.
  • Quit
    Quit the software.


  • Undo
    Undo the last action.
  • Redo
    Redo the last undone action.
  • Copy
    Copy an element being either in the tree or in a table.
  • Paste
    Paste a copied element.
  • Remove
    Remove the selected element, in the tree or a table.
  • Rename / Bulk rename
    Rename the selected element. Several samples, instruments or presets may be simultaneously renamed according to different options:
    • overwrite existing name with key name as suffix (for samples only),
    • overwrite existing name with numerical ascending suffix,
    • replace a string by another,
    • insert text at a specific position (allowing to add a prefix or suffix),
    • delete character range.
  • Settings
    Open the software settings.


This menu displays the different tools available depending of the element selected in the tree.

You can also use the recorder: sounds played by the synthesizer included in Polyphone may be saved in a .wav file. The destination directory is chosen when starting the recording. It is then possible to pause and resume the recording.



  • Toolbar
    Show or hide the toolbar below the menu bar.
  • Modulator section
    Show or hide the section allowing the modulator editing for the instruments or presets.
  • Keyboard
    Set the virtual keyboard length and visibility.
  • Full screen
    Toggle full screen mode. The shortcut "F11" may be used.


  • Online manual
    Show this manual in a web browser.
  • Forum
    Show the forum in a web browser.
  • About
    Show the software version and the list of people who contributed to the project.