Preset editing

When clicking on one or more preset(s), the editing page of presets appears. A preset allows the combination of several instruments, and is the element visible from outside a soundfont.

Like the page of instrument editing, several parts are present:

  • the table,
  • the range editor when the button "Edit ranges" is clicked,
  • the modulator section (which can be displayed or hidden via the menu "View").

preset page

If only one preset is selected, the page allows the editing of the global parameters of the preset and the parameters of all its divisions.

In the case where several presets are selected, the global parameters of each of these presets can be edited.

Differences with the instruments

The parameters edited here are said relative unlike parameters of an instrument which, except in special cases, are said absolute. Values of a preset parameters are added or multiplied to the instruments parameters that compose it. Some parameters are not editable at the preset level:

  • loop playback,
  • root key,
  • exclusive class,
  • fixed key,
  • fixed velocity,
  • the four offsets.

A preset is identified by a preset number and bank number, this combination being unique and adjustable above the table. Each bank comprises 127 presets.

The last bank (128) is usually used for percussion kits.