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Some instructions can be found below. If something is not up to date, don't hesitate to report it in the forum.

Using Qt Creator to build Polyphone

Use these instructions to know how to build Polyphone with Qt Creator. It is assumed you already have on your computer Qt Creator installed with the Qt framework, a compiler and the necessary dependencies to build Polyphone (see related pages for this).


The following elements are required

  • a C++ compiler (VC++, Clang, GCC, ...)
  • Qt Creator with its framework
  • Polyphone dependencies

The instructions for installing them are dependent on the OS you are using, see the related documentation pages for this.

Build Polyphone

Copy the sources

Get Polyphone Soundfont Editor sources from here or on GitHub.

Open and configure the project

First, open the file "" and edit it to possibly use the distributed versions for rtmidi, stk and qcustomplot if your OS doesn't provide them. Uncomment the following lines by removing the leading ‘#’:


You can skip these modifications if you want to use libraries already installed in your computer (make sure you have them!).

Start Qt Creator and open the file "".

Then configure the project.

Run qmake and build the project

Go in the menu "Build" and choose the item "Run qmake".

Qmake run is finished when the proceeding bar on the bottom right corner has reached the 100% green.

In the section "Project" in the left column, then in the section "Build&Run", select the build configuration (Release is preferred).

Finally, click on the action "Build project Polyphone" in the menu "Build".

During project build you should see warnings but no errors.

Now you should have the executable polyphone either in the RELEASE or DEBUG subfolder of the source code, depending on your choice in QtCreator build configuration.


Please you the forum if you need more information or for getting some help.

special thanks to tomotello for this article