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Some instructions can be found below. If something is not up to date, don't hesitate to report it in the forum.

Building Polyphone for Mac OS X

Use these instructions if you cannot install Polyphone on your Mac OS X with the available installers in the section "Download".


The following applications are required

You also need the sources of Polyphone, available here.


Open the file "" with Qt Creator. When configuring the project, take care shadow build is not checked. Build the project, a bundle "" should appear in the directory "RELEASE".

If the SDK path cannot be resolved, try modifying the file "" to include these variables (adjust the Mac OSX version of first):

QMAKE_MAC_SDK = macosx10.11

Complete the bundle

Run the following command to include libraries and frameworks inside the bundle (adjust the path first!):

/Path/To/Qt/5.2.0/clang_64/bin/macdeployqt /Path/To/lib_mac/

Copy the framework Jackmp from "lib_mac" and paste it to "lib_mac/". You may need to right click and select "View content" to go inside the bundle instead of executing it.

Finally, run the following command in a single line (adjust the last path first!):

install_name_tool -change /System/Library/Frameworks/Jackmp.framework/Versions/A/Jackmp @executable_path/../Frameworks/Jackmp.framework/Versions/A/Jackmp /Path/To/lib_mac/

If you want to provide a .dmg file, drag the bundle "" onto the icon of the application "Disk Utility".


See this topic if you need more information or for getting some help.