Polyphone 2.1 Beta

Newsletter 2019-10-16

Polyphone 2.1 Beta has been released!

If you don't have the chance to tan on a beach during this summer, maybe you can have a look on the new version of Polyphone! You can test it and all suggestions are welcome in the forum. Downloads are available here, for now only for Windows users.

Full support of modulators

It's been long desired so here it is: instruments played with Polyphone are now responding to MIDI signals thanks to a full modulator support. The interface has been redesigned so that everything is clear when editing a modulator.

Moreover, testing modulators has been made possible with the virtual keyboard that is now able to trigger various kind of MIDI signals.


Help needed with translations

Due to some extra features, translations need to be completed and your help is thus required. You can find the current progress of the translations here and instructions here. If you want to create a translation not provided yet it is of course possible: just send an email to [email protected].


This version is BETA so you need to be careful since all features have not been extensively tested yet.

For any request or report you may have, please use the forum.