Samsung Ch@t 222 (GT-E2220) Soundfont

26 March 2019

Believe it or not, there was a time when samsung made a cell phone that had a MIDI sound system similar to the FM synthesis of Sega Genesis. I had this model when I was younger and played a lot of Java games with that sound. I researched and found out that the motherboard is called PNX4908 made by ST Electronics.

128 Instruments and 1 Percussion (CH10)

Sample Rate: 22.05KHz

80% Similar to Original



E2220.part1.rar (20 MB, 02 October 2022)
E2220.part2.rar (20 MB, 02 October 2022)
E2220.part3.rar (20 MB, 02 October 2022)
E2220.part4.rar (7.85 MB, 02 October 2022)
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