Best Friends (PC Game)

29 December 2018

Now and forever.

Game files provided to me by saladplainzone, for whom this soundfont was made, at Christmas in 2018.

Note: none of the drumkits have all the samples necessary for a complete MIDI standard Drumkit. However, I still recommend the ICE Kit, as it sounds the best overall, in my opinion. It also includes the most samples out of the five kits (Ice, Jungle, Intro, End, and Dream).

Update: I figured out how to properly implement the "widening in chunks" effect Ice World's synth plays with. All it took was the Sample offset box. FL Studio doesn't seem to like heeding said Offset, but SynthFont seems to be going along with it, so that's at least a partial win in my book.


Best Friends Forever.sf2 (3.59 MB, 15 March 2021)
Taken from music by Simon "Hasen" Burgess.
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