Insaniquarium! Deluxe

22 December 2018

"Insaniquarium.mo3" provided by ChocolateJake.

"Alien.mo3" and "Lullaby.mo3," on the other hand, I got from buying the game :) because I finally gave into curiosity, like I did with Best Friends.

Insaniquarium! Deluxe was developed by and is owned by PopCap (otherwise known as the Bejeweled people, which I didn't know until I actually went and found out what the hell Insaniquarium was, besides a game with rad music-- I thought it was some kind of GameCube game where you got to look around big open aquariums with different lighting and rock formations, and check out different indigenous fish types using some sort of 3D movement cursor-type thing).


Insaniquarium.sf2 (5.17 MB, 22 December 2018)
Got the .it file from Jake, as usual-- my partner in crime when it comes to making soundfonts, it seems is fast becoming.



    it took me so long to get this soundfont because polyphone wants me to create an account, i tried creating one, there isnt any key, this and that and this and that and after like, 2-3 years(?) i FINALLY can get this.

  • pino venere

    good and sound good

    • tahutoa

      Grazie! Glad you liked it, and even more glad to see people from foreign nations are also getting to see and appreciate the sounds from this game.

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