SuperSponge Soundfont (PS1) Alpha v0.4

27 July 2018

This still isn't complete, but seeing as how I've been dragging my feet when it comes to finally getting back to work, I've decided I might as well upload what I've programmed in thus far, at least.

The percussion preset is incomplete, but all the essentials are there (assuming you don't count things like the annoying Fairy Twinkle as essential), plus a few extras. There are a good 45 presets already. Some of them sound kind of crappy (particularly some of the accordion/reed organ type instruments) but the soundfont as a whole is at least functional enough to be published in its current state (so that people looking for it won't continue to be disappointed).



SuperSponge v0.4.sf2 (2.67 MB, 27 July 2018)
Unfinished version of a soundfont for the PS1 version of SuperSponge.


  • tahutoa

    I assume "decaying" applies to something where most of the instruments by default include fade-out in the original .wav

    • tahutoa

      Yeah, this applies as decaying, since the "fade-out" is just part of the initial deal copy-pasted while getting quieter each repetition.

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