Bellatrix Orchestra

05 March 2017



Bellatrix Orchestra Soundfont.part1.rar (90 MB, 05 March 2017)
Bellatrix Orchestra Soundfont.part2.rar (90 MB, 05 March 2017)
Bellatrix Orchestra Soundfont.part3.rar (24.3 MB, 05 March 2017)


  • Dominic Hodson

    Pleased to say that the entire orchestra pack downloaded and is loadable into reason's NN XT Sampler (that old thing!). The quality of these soundfont preset5s is much better than you might expect; this is  very nice sketching tool; I will review this on my Facebook page, Refill Yourself.
    Thanks for sharing this, I have not been able to download this before.

  • Trombone Fan

    part1 worked fine but contains only a subset of instruments , part2 and part3 fails even after multiple downloads with data errors. Tried  with two different unzip 7zip and winrar

  • sweetbb

    I cannot download part 2

  • SamNielsen

    Part 1 and 3 works like charm, but unable to download part 2 at the moment.

  • Peter A

    I finally managed to download all 3 parts. It takes forever but you have to let it download. Pick your time of the day as it seems the server is veeeery slow!

  • kennyweed

    unable to download part 3

    • Gary Linden

      Part 3 is still broken, does not download.