Titanic 200 GM-GS v1.2

Luke Sena - Titanic Soundfonts
20 February 2017



Titanic 200 GM-GS v1.2.rar (151.23 MB, 20 February 2017)


  • Angel Rodriguez

    no se puede descargar el titanic 200 gm da error, que puedo hacer, gracias

  • Angel Rodriguez

    aun no he podido descargarlo

  • Milena rincom

    Excelente, gracias por el aporte.

  • lastdream2013

    thd best soundfont I have found yet.

  • Yannick Duchêne

    The copyright notice in the soudfont refers to an attached text file with copyright notices for individual instruments. The RAR archive does not contain the mentioned text file.

    That said, this soundfont is the best I know for General MIDI, although interestingly not the biggest one in size. The only two issues I see with it is the volume of some instrument (some too low and some too high) and the lack of clarity of the copyright (commercial use is not defined and the missing text file).

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