Turtle drum

Ethan Winer
21 February 2017

This SoundFont is based on a unique and interesting drum that was hand made by a Native American in 1990. The drum's construction is similar to a roto-tom, but the head and tightening cords are made of animal hide. It has a very rich sound which I captured in stereo using four velocity layers. The drum head has beautiful drawings of antelopes around the edges and a turtle in the center - hence the name. My friend Katie Petreycik did the hitting, and I recorded it using a pair of audiotechnica 4033 microphones in my large live studio room. A photo of the session is above.



turtle_drum.sf2 (1.96 MB, 21 February 2017)


  • Petros Glytsos

    Beautiful natural sound... Thank you!

  • Nohshow

    Excellent.  Thank you for your diligence and thoughtfulness in sharing this.

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