'Decrescendo' Accordion

17 December 2018

A realistic Four Reed Accordion SF2 soundfont. DEMO here

Please leave feedback and a rating! Thank you!


Decrescendo Accordion.sf2 (5.15 MB, 17 December 2018)
Soundfont File
Decrescendo Accordion.png (681 KB, 17 December 2018)
Cover image


  • jinma99

    wonderfull.Thank you for sharing.

  • Dusan

    Nice. Thanks!

  • kamil85

    merci a lot

  • Jorge Batoca

    Great Soundfont, thanks, God bless.

  • Felipe Quintans

    Muchas gracias!

  • david

    Thanks you!

  • McConnor

    This rocks! Fantastic... Are you planning on releasing the 1.01 with staccato preset?
    Concerning usage with sforzando player - on import there is message about an invalid region that is then disabled but the soundfont works nontheless - I have not yet found what exactly is disabled....

    • Decrescendo

      DecreInterestinInteresting, maybe it is due to the file type being SF2 and not like an SFZ file type? I may try creating a staccato preset, but we'll see!

  • halbis2


  • r


  • Almir Santos

    Amazing Sound!! Congrats

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