Celtic Harp [Haug Harp] SoundFont

31 March 2021

I found these beautiful Celtic Harp samples recorded by tarane468 from freesound. I thought they sounded so good that I've decided to create a celtic harp soundfont! This soundfont can be perfect to use for any music genre rather than Classical or Celtic music.

Feel-free to use this soundfont in your own GM SoundFont creations and just give the person some credit. :)


Celtic Harp.sf2 (9.97 MB, 31 March 2021)
The Preset in the SoundFont is at Bank 0 Preset 46. Please give credit to the person who recorded the samples once you put this soundfont in your own GM SoundFont banks!


  • Henning Zielke

    Thanks a lot to  Mrs. Anne Haug,who allowed me to record the samples of her harp . Henning (tarane 468)

    • Arianna

      It was my pleasure!

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