Yamaha CFX Studio Grand V2

11 May 2020

Version 2.0 Yamaha CFX Studio Grand Piano


After many requests this has been resampled for the following:

  1. 176 Samples [significantly larger file]
  2. Full key range, long decay time [18.02 seconds]
  3. Playable in the Polyphone app
  4. Multi-sampled on EVERY key
  5. ARIA engine recommended
Please read the PREVIOUS post carefully before requesting / commentating. Happy to get back to you but please bear in mind that this instrument is FREE.

The file is zipped so you will need to UNZIP.




Yamaha CFX Grand.sf2.zip (49.1 MB, 11 May 2020)


  • nguyen

    May you privately give me the .sfz version of this (email is nguyencto2k4@gmail.com)? I'd like to reconfigure few things on this soundfont for my personal use.Really like this remake.
    (i'm mostly on phone and i can't really be able to edit sf2 on phone)

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