Equinox Grand Pianos

21 February 2017
Bank Preset Name
0 0 Steinway D
0 1 Yamaha C7
1 0 Steinway D L/R
1 1 Yamaha C7 L/R



Equinox_Grand_Pianos.rar (38.42 MB, 21 February 2017)


  • redding658

    Thank you for these terrific soundfont pianos

  • soroosh king

    thats noice

  • Drake Branham

    This is my most Beloved Piano Pack ever. all it is is a Steinway and a Yamaha, but was the best building blocks, very good clean piano. Not perfect out of the box, needs alittle Sauce *as does alot of things, but, It makes a great Solo, Great Duo, and I would say is the best piano sound I've ever worked with, hands down. It's also small enough to work with a netbook computer (that's saying something!)

  • Dylan van Schaik

    Thanks for this awesome soundfont!

  • Garbi Garcia

    Thanks for this sf2!

  • Bepi Esposito Vingiano

    thanks very much

  • Dauk

    thanks for do this 

  • Bob

    Hi. Thanks for making these available. However, I’m having a hard time getting this one to download on my 2018 iPad. The status bar gets stuck about one third through. Any suggestions?

  • Dado

    Sounds great. I hope I can use it in my own recordings,just to mention name of the author. Or I need something more else?

  • Libin

    Great site n wanna more