Polyphone has now an italian translation in the version 1.5. Copy / paste features are improved for the editing of instruments and presets.

The ergonomics of Polyphone has improved in the version 1.4.

Several improvements in the version 1.3: synthesizer more efficient, keyboard more convenient, possibility of opening sfArk archives.

Polyphone is now built for Mac OS X.

Polyphone 1.2 brings a lot of changes and a new language: Spanish. Sfz import is now possible.

Numerous improvements in Polyphone 1.1, and an export in an sfz format.

Version 1.0 of Polyphone is available! The synthesizer has been revised and minor bugs are fixed.

Spatialization tool available in the preset level in the version 0.9 of Polyphone.

Version 0.8 is out: a new tool is available, the interface is more configurable, some bugs are fixed.

Minor evolutions in the version 0.7, packaging preparation for Linux.

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