14 June 2015

The update 1.6 brings a better stability and several bug fixes. Polyphone is now available in a 64-bit version for Windows.


  • full screen mode
  • visibility of all soundfonts or just a specific soundfont in the tree
  • possibility to merge presets from different soundfonts to one sf2 via the export
  • export of samples from different soundfonts is allowed
  • in the virtual keyboard, using "shift" with an arrow makes a quicker move
  • option to move (or not) keyrange in the transposition tool for instruments
  • mutations available for 64' resultant in the organ mixture creation tool
  • tolerance for opcodes comprising no underscore (sfz opcodes v1)
  • several libraries updated (including portaudio, stk)
  • (fix) sfArk import generated noise
  • (fix) repetition is ignored when using arrow keys in the virtual keyboard
  • (fix) "0" was not selected when a new value is inserted in the table
  • (fix) forbidden characters are replaced by an underscore when exporting files
  • (fix) selection in the tree now updates the virtual keyboard
  • (fix) copy / paste of elements
  • (fix) GUI fix for mac
  • (fix) loop_mode one-shot caused sometimes a wrong envelop release in the sfz import
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