07 August 2014

The ergonomics of Polyphone has improved in the version 1.4.


  • faster loading step and count of used / unused elements
  • the key range of the key pressed is displayed at the instrument level
  • middle C is emphasized on the keyboard
  • key names can include sharps or flats
  • button to assign the estimated pitch / correction at the sample level
  • mutations added in the mixture creation tools
  • column width may be fixed in instrument and preset tables
  • name of samples, instruments and presets may be adapted in case of duplicate
  • natural order sorting of items in the tree
  • focus policies in the tree improved
  • support for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7
  • support for sfArk v1 files
  • (fix) sfz export / import
  • (fix) comments can now be 65536 characters long
  • (fix) the commands "replace all", "ignore all", "duplicate all" are now memorized
  • (fix) bug when editing an element hidden by the filter in the tree
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