16 February 2014

Several improvements in the version 1.3: synthesizer more efficient, keyboard more convenient, possibility of opening sfArk archives.


  • latency decreased and polyphony increased in the sound engine
  • support for sfArk soundfont archives
  • use of notation C, D, E, F, ... or numerical values for keynames
  • quicker operations in tables
  • piano keyboard type (88 keys) added
  • keyrange and rootkey displayed on the virtual keyboard
  • ctrl+K focuses on the virtual keyboard to play with
  • use of ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ctrl+3... ctrl+8 to change the computer keyboard octave
  • the virtual keyboard is floatable
  • button applying the full length of the sample as loop at the sample level
  • possibility to manually change the language
  • pitch detection improved
  • small tutorial added in the documentation
  • fixed a bug when using the autoloop tool in Windows XP
  • fixed small issues in sfz / sf2 conversion
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