20 December 2013

Polyphone 1.2 brings a lot of changes and a new language: Spanish. Sfz import is now possible.


  • spanish translation
  • sfz import
  • sfz export improvement
  • simultaneous editing of samples
  • simultaneous editing of stereo sample in the instrument table
  • simultaneous editing of cells in tables
  • mouse wheel to increase a parameter value in the table
  • copy / paste available in the tree right-click menu
  • selection of the presets to export when exporting a soundfont
  • drop of wav, sf2 or sfz files in the tree
  • the interface is adapted for screen resolution as low as 800*600
  • stereo splitter tool
  • "space" key controls the button "play" at the sample level
  • spatialization tool improvement
  • documentation reshaped
  • peak frequency export (graph + csv file)
  • fixed a bug when importing a sample and replacing an existing one
  • negative tune corrections were not exported correctly in wave files
  • using sample mode 3 (play sample to the end) now works
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