08 November 2013

Numerous improvements in Polyphone 1.1, and an export in an sfz format.


  • possibility to create velocity layers in the division duplication tool
  • the global setting tool may deal with a particular velocity layer
  • playing sounds is possible with the computer keyboard
  • ctrl+C / ctrl+V now works like a drag & drop in the tree view
  • copying a preset from one sf2 to another uses now - if possible - the same bank and preset numbers
  • bugs related to the pitch correction and the endloop values are fixed when exporting a sample
  • the rootkey of a sample is determined via its filename, if this information is not contained in the file
  • the highest key is now 127 in the auto-divisioning tool
  • sfz export
  • the interface fits for smaller screens
  • window state and geometry are restored
  • keys may be held by the sustain pedal
  • synth gain is controlled by the volume midi controller
  • when editing a sample, option to change the linked sample if stereo
  • possibility to change the audio buffer size
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